MUFG Pension & Market Services
A member of MUFG, a global financial group

About Us

MUFG Pension & Market Services administers financial ownership data and drives user engagement through technology. We work together with our clients to deliver solutions and technology platforms that increase efficiencies, enhance the user experience, and connect people with their assets.

MUFG Pension & Market Services recognises that a strong corporate governance culture underpins sustainable value creation for all of our stakeholders. While the Board is ultimately accountable for implementing and overseeing an effective corporate governance framework, Executive Management and all MUFG Pension & Market Services people are responsible for upholding the high corporate governance standards that we set.

These standards are set through our core values of Client Focused, Adapt and Evolve, and Together We Achieve, and in the Group Policy Framework, including our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The Board’s role includes providing leadership and guiding MUFG Pension & Market Services’ strategic direction, driving its performance and overseeing the activities of Management and the operation of MUFG Pension & Market Services. Separate committees for Risk & Compliance, Internal Audit and Remuneration assist the Board in carrying out its role by providing detailed oversight in these specialist areas.

Management, through the CEO & Managing Director and Co-CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, is accountable to the Board for the day-to-day management of MUFG Pension & Market Services. In turn, Management is supported by a number of governance, risk and operationally focused committees with specific responsibilities.

Central to this structure is a two-way flow of open, constructive discussion between and amongst the Board and Management.

MUFG Pension & Market Services’ key governance documents and policies are available below.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
Code of Conduct & Ethics
Human Rights Policy
Modern Slavery Statement
Sustainability Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Today, MUFG Pension & Market Services is a market-leading provider of scaled, technology-enabled administration solutions, with over 6,500 employees working across the globe. Our clients include some of the world's largest corporations, pension funds, and financial institutions.

Vivek Bhatia
CEO and Managing Director, MUFG Pension & Market Services

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